Happy New Year and welcome to the 2015 refresh of my site

Happy New Year and I have finally refreshed the look of my site that I started early last year around the same time.

Back then, I had waded into the unknown waters of WordPress and bought a  CSS theme to help kick start the process. It was a good start; however the theme wasn’t the most user friendly and the interface was all over the place. For a year, my site stayed stagnant while I contemplated the next step.

Enter 2015 and I ditched custom design approaches or external sites such as Squarespace and decided to try wordpress again. I had been looking at a theme for a while and I finally bit the bullet and bought it – in this case, the Enfold theme by Kriesi – which had a very nice clean look to it. The setup was initially quite quick and the result was elegant enough. However, setup is never as simple and I did run into a few stumbling blocks, some of which I am hoping to resolve over the coming weeks. For starters, the in-built gallery options were a bit weak and I decided to go with Nextgen. The main issue with all these external plugins is that there are always some limitations in the user interface approach and currently some of my galleries have unevenly distributed thumbnails.

But at least it’s a start and I am hoping to kick this blog into action and provide insight into my travels – past and present – and perhaps some tips and tricks of photography.

Until then, here’s an image from Iceland not in the main gallery. It’s from Jökulsárlón, the famous glacier lagoon in Iceland.


I shot this one evening after the peak aurora displays had waned a bit (I couldn’t possibly turn away from the Northern Lights, now could I?). The green haze of the northern lights meant there was still a fair bit of activity, albeit not as strong. Since the lagoon faces North, it seemed perfect to try to shoot the Milky Way against this amazing backdrop of floating ice. It was a cloudy night and I only managed a few exposures before even this part of the sky was under heavy cloud cover (which is fairly typical in Iceland).

The little bonus however is the reddish-orange glow on the far right. I only realized much later (thanks to David Thompson and Miles Morgan) that this was not glow from the nearby town but the volcanic pollution from the Holuhraun lava fields in the Vatnajökull glacier. I guess you would class that under “historic”, perhaps?

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